Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of School!

Lilly started 2nd Grade today! She was so excited that she couldn't sleep last night. She woke up at 6:30 this morning and I've never seen her get dressed so fast in my life! 

It was really hard on Emery to see Lilly leave without her and go to school. They have such a special bond and Emery was very sad. She was up multiple times in the night just sobbing!! We were torn: one girl was super excited, and the other girl was super sad! I love that my girls are so close.

Lilly and our neighbor friend Sariah. Both were super happy to be waiting at the bus stop. At first I wasn't going to let Lilly ride the bus because of all the GERMS, but she was going to school with germs too, so I had to let it go. Lilly was glad to get to ride the bus again. The last time she did that was the first part of Kindergarten before she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Some moms shed a few tears and were sad to see their kiddos go... I was cheering! Lilly was NORMAL!! Going to school with all of the other normal healthy kids. Makes my heart HAPPY!

Emery cried after the bus left... She would ask me, "Where's my Lilly?" Breaks my heart... So, I had to keep her mind off of Lilly and have a fun day.

And we had FUN!!! We played games and did puzzles and watched movies. And then she crashed and took a two and a half hour nap! Before we knew it, it was time to go wait for the bus to bring Lilly back...

Happy Happy Girl!

Lilly said her day was really really really GOOD!

We decided to hear all about each others day over donuts. Lilly said she doesn't have homework this week, and they learned about class rules, and she made some new friends, and when she introduced herself she said that she likes to paint nails. Sounds like a great day to me!

These two were glad to be back together again after being away from each other. Here's to a new school year! I hope Lilly will be able to go to an entire year of school... She hasn't done that yet - not in Kindergarten or 1st Grade. Glad she had a great first day of 2nd Grade!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rumor Has It.... We're Selling Our Home!!!

We know there are a number of you that already know that we were planning on selling our home. But, for others this may come as a surprise!!! This decision comes after much prayer and consideration. There have been a number of things weighing on our minds about the current house and situation we're in. These decisions have been very difficult and stressful. We have been worried about two primary things.

  • The time it takes me to get to and from work and how would I get home fast enough if there ever was an emergency.
  • We have also been stuck in a high interest rate since the day we purchased the home. And until this year we’ve had Zero or even negative equity since the market crash in 2008 making it impossible to refinance.
Therefore, we have decided to sell our home to get out of the HIGH interest rate and get my family closer to my work in Lehi so I can get to my family quicker if any emergency were to arise.

If you know anyone looking for a beautiful home have a look.

We have greatly enjoyed living in the area we’ve been in for the last 9 years. There have been so many relationships we’ve made over the years that can never be replaced. We absolutely love our neighbors!!! There have been so many come to our aid in some of our darkest hours. You’ve helped clean our home when Lilly was first diagnosed; you’ve provided meals, spent time at the hospital, and provided spiritual strength when we needed it most. You all can never be fully thanked enough for your time, love, and compassion.

A few years before Lilly’s diagnosis we became very close to the Spray family and increasingly so since. They have been there in so many helpful ways. To watch our dogs on just a whim when we rush Lilly to the ER, or when Lilly spends several weeks in ICS because she’s been admitted. But, it goes way beyond just that; they have been a shoulder to cry on, strength to lean on, and forever part of our family. My girls love and adore Zac, Sydnee, and Ethan. My girls look up to these special kids as mentors with aspirations of being just like them. We never fail to see either Emery or Lilly trying to shoot a basket ball with the boys into a hoop that is 3 times higher than they are tall, being brave enough to pet the guinea pigs, or see them wanting to be all grown up like Sydnee. It’s been just this year that Emery has come out of her shell enough to yell off the deck “Hi Ryan, Hi Jenny” in her petite little voice. And she won’t stop until they respond. We love this family immensely!!!

Sydnee has always been so wonderful to my girls. She would just stop in to read books or play games with Lilly and Emery.

We stand in need of giving thanks to so many kind people that have entered our lives over these past 9 years. May you know just how special you all have been to me, my wife, Lilly, and to Emery. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

No News is Good News! Right?

So, it's been some time since we've posted any news about Lilly on her blog. I guess that means she's finally reached some stability in her treatment. Though she still receives a chemo pill every night and has a spinal tap once a month with additional chemo. We'd like to say things have become somewhat normal for us but, that will never be completely true. At least not in the since that things will go back to the way they were before Lilly was diagnosed. I know our family will never be the same... But, then again I wouldn't want it to be. Over these past 19 months our family has changed so much. There have been a lot of ups and certainly some really down lows. But, through every step we've felt the constant love and support from so many. There always seems to be some event coming up to help us forget for just a moment or at least put it in the back of our mind the living battle Lilly is faced with and the constant fear that we could lose her. Wonderful people have come into our lives and strengthened and enriched us with the capacity to move forward with Faith and Trust that things are in the Lords hands, and that we just need to be believing.

Here are some of the fantastic people and events that have given us what we need to carry on.... Love, Friendship, and of course FUN!!!!

Lilly was able to participate in a Flag Ceremony with Felix and other kids at the Falconz western conference bowl game.

I was able to participate with the Mascots in the half time show and play soccer in a bubble against the Mascots.  Oh, that was SO much fun.

Lilly wanted to try it out

Willy was curious what she was doing.

Lilly and Willy have developed a special bond.

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