Monday, April 25, 2016

MMF Pep Rally

What a fun event!! We got invited to go to a MMF Pep Rally and they didn't disappoint! Lilly lost her voice from screaming so loud! It was a fun day for all of us!

Lilly considers all of these crazy mascots her friends. She has never met the Copper Hills Grizzly before, but we needed a picture with him because that's where her cousins go to school! Notice Emery hiding in the background. She was so excited to come to the event because we haven't seen our furry friends in a while, but she was still super scared of them up close. One day she'll get over her fear... One day.

Here's a few faces that both Lilly AND Emery love! Princess Anna found a scared Emery in the crowd and came to give her a much needed hug. We love love LOVE that there is a princess mascot for our little Em.

Jay got to participate and play a "Minute to Win it" game with the mascots. I'm obviously not as good of a photographer as he is. All I got were pictures of his backside. Ha!

The mascots took a turn at dunking the ball, and then we got to watch the amazing Utah Rush team play some basketball. Very fun to watch!

Me and my girls. Love them lots and lots!

There was a special performance from the Elite Angels that brought me to tears. Girls and a boy who all have Down Syndrome. What an amazing group of kids! They worked so hard and performed so well. 

Utah Rush with a few of the mascots. 

Here are a few video clips of the Utah Jazz Dunk Team. So amazing! It was so fun to watch!

Thank you Mascot Miracles Foundation for inviting us to come to this event. We all had a great time and can't wait to see you all again soon! Thank you for providing these great activities for Angels and Heroes and their families! No One Fights Alone. Thank you for being by our side. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lilly's Last Spinal Tap!

Can you believe it? This is no April Fool's joke! Yesterday was Lilly's first time that she's had a "last" in treatment... It was her LAST Spinal Tap! Wahoo! It was kind of a bittersweet moment. Yes, we are overly excited that Lilly is almost finished with treatment, but then we venture into unknown territory... The what if's.... What if she gets sick again? What if she relapses? What if? What if? What if? But, despite our "what ifs" it was a very happy day yesterday!

We love coming to clinic. The nurses are like family to us. Can you tell Becky is smiling under her mask?? 

Our favorite Dr. Doug! Ever since Lilly was diagnosed, Lilly has given Doug a hard time for not ever watching "Tangled" before. He watched "Frozen" last year, but that's not Lilly's favorite show. So last month Lilly gave Doug a copy of "Tangled" so he'd have no excuses and could watch it. They made a deal: if Doug didn't watch "Tangled" by Lilly's next clinic visit, Lilly didn't have to get her chemo. What a deal!! Well, guess what? Doug didn't watch it!!!! He felt so bad, he really did! Lilly knew that she couldn't skip her chemo, so she was a good girl and still got it. But, Lilly and Doug made a new deal... And, we still love him anyway. He's a busy man!

Lilly will get Doug to watch it sometime...

Two years ago, on April Fool's Day, we started a new tradition. Michalla was inpatient and we wanted to brighten her day. So, we brought her some Brown E's (instead of brownies). Ha! That is one of Lilly's favorite memories with Michalla. Of course, I can't find the picture of the two of them with Brown E's, so this one will have to do.

As per tradition, Lilly brought Brown E's to clinic and loved playing jokes on everyone there! She also brought REAL brownies to give them afterwards. It was a fun day!

Lilly had her last spinal tap in the new area that recently opened in the hospital. It's called the CPC or the Children's Procedure Center. It's replaced the RTU. It's huge. And feels a little more rushed and impersonal than the RTU. Grateful we were able to experience it though. It's beautiful and bright and open and busy. 

Wendy is our favorite nurse in RTU (besides Peter Cottontail who doesn't work there anymore). She's so sweet. She hugged each of us as we left the RTU. Both Jay and I were quite emotional. We are so grateful for such wonderful doctors and nurses who have helped save our daughters life. There are such great great people in this world. 

Tech Carli. We love you too! They all loved getting Brown E's from Lilly. Funny story - Lilly wanted both Jay and I to go back with her when she went back to the procedure room to get sedated. It's a rule that only one parent goes back. Lilly gave the anesthesiologist a Brown E, and then a brownie. And then she asked,"Can both my mom and dad come back with me when I get the sleepy medicine?" He said, "Well, after you gave me this brownie, how can I say no?" She got her wish!!

Lilly woke up super fast after the procedure. In fact, she woke up and she was still in the procedure room. She usually doesn't wake up until she's in recovery.

She always asks for fish crackers when she wakes up. And she woke up HUNGRY!

And she devoured a brownie too!

April Fool's Day wouldn't be complete without going to the cemetery and leaving some Brown E's for Michalla. When we got there, Lilly put the Brown E's on Michalla's headstone and I could hear her quietly say, "Happy April Fool's Day Michalla. I love you." It touched my heart. What a sweet sweet girl we have. 

We also visited Michalla's family. We love you all and are so grateful you are still a big part of our lives. Can't wait to see you again on Monday!

After leaving Pleasant Grove, we had one last stop to make. We have family that lives in Lehi that we wanted to bring a smile to. The Ivie's are distant relatives (2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, I'm not sure), but it doesn't matter, they're family to us! Melanie's husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so we visited with them and brought them some Brown E's too. Lilly loves to bring joy to others and I know she will continue to love to serve others even when she's finished with treatment. By the time we got home, Lilly was beat. But, it was a great day!