Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day!


Santa came! So exciting! 

Plus, it snowed! I always love having a White Christmas!

Grandma. Grandpa. Lilly. Emery. Sydnee. Skylar

Skylar loved the bows more than the actual presents. Such a fun age!

The girls really wanted to get Jay some Star Wars stuff since the new movie just came out. So fun! We are all working on learning how to speak "Wookiee." 

I love that Lilly and Em get so excited to give gifts away. Sometimes Em can't stand the anticipation and will say what the gift is even before it's opened! She can't wait! They picked out this shirt for me and I love it! Aimee got a tablet for Christmas, and Grandma got a baby! Ha! 

Lilly has a special locket that has a picture of her and Michalla in it. She opens and closes that thing multiple times a day. So much, that it is almost falling apart. She was in need of a new one and was very happy to get one for Christmas. I will be forever grateful for the Oliver Family who gave Lilly her first locket soon after Michalla passed away. It was just what she needed - to always keep Michalla close to her heart. 

I think Em's favorite gift she got was her new bike. It's a balance bike with no pedals. Hopefully she'll figure it out soon. She always wants to be big like Lilly. They can learn how to ride bikes together. We didn't get a good picture of Em with her new bike, but I'm sure we will when she starts riding it more.

Fun at Grandma and Grandpa Alldredge's house. It was a little different going there later in the afternoon, but it was still fun. Sad we didn't get more pictures than this. Our camera was being difficult. So grateful for family time during the holiday season. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! So grateful for the reason we celebrate - the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. May we all try to do a little better each day and become more like Him. 

Christmas Eve!

Christmas was a little different this year. We usually get together Christmas Eve with the Jensen Family, have our own little Christmas with just our family, and then go to the Alldredge Family in the morning. But, since we are staying at my parents house right now, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning there, and didn't get over to the Alldredge's until later in the afternoon because of work conflict from the Mills Family. It was a different year, but we still made some great memories.

A group gift for Mom and Dad from all the kids - a new shower head and new towels. 

Sibling gift exchange.

Alesha, Rylan, and Ashton - some of our favorite friends, stopped by for a nice visit. We LOVE them and are so grateful they are a part of our lives! 

Presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Not only did the girls get new Christmas Jammie's, but Cookie and Freddy Bear got some as well. 

Silly girls.

Making cookies for Santa! It was hard to go to sleep after having such a fun night! But, Santa couldn't come until after the girls were fast asleep. They all couldn't wait until Christmas Morning!

Christmas Adam!

Lilly thinks it's so funny to call December 23rd, Christmas Adam! She says "because Adam came before Eve, and Eve came before the birth of Baby Jesus!" Silly girl. Anyway, we decided to go to Michalla's house to visit with her family. It always lifts Lilly's spirits and fills her soul when she is with Michalla's family. 

I love that these kids have so much love for each other. Makes my heart happy! 

This Christmas Season we watched "Home Alone 2." When Lilly learned of the story of the two turtle doves, she insisted we get a pair - one for her to keep, and one for Michalla. A pair of turtle doves are a symbol of friendship and love, as long as each of you have your turtle dove you'll be friends forever. Lilly has such a soft heart - always thinking of others. I love that about her.

Lilly found Michalla's stocking! So fun! 

Here's Lilly one year apart in front of Michalla's tree. So much has changed in just one year. Sometimes last year feels like a lifetime ago, while other times it feels like it was just yesterday.

Later that night we decided to go to Gardner Village. The girls got to go on an Elf Adventure and ended up at the North Pole where Santa and Mrs. Claus greeted them with hot chocolate and cookies. It was cold, but the girls had fun! 

Waiting in a loooong line. Goofy girls.

Best way to build a snowman - indoors where it's not as cold!

We took Santa's sleigh to get to the north pole and it was quite an adventure! Lilly was excited to see Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Emery just waived from far away. Merry Christmas Adam everyone!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lilly's Special Day!!

What a Day! Saturday December 19, 2015 was not only Lilly's Birthday, but it was also the day she chose to be Baptized! And it's a day she will never forget!

While we were setting things up for the baptism, the fire alarm went off! Firefighters came to check the place out - we all had to evacuate. It ended up being nothing, thank goodness, but we had to get a few pictures with the nice firefighters. Ha! Needless to say, the baptism didn't start right at 10:00, but close enough. I bet she'll never forget that firefighters showed up to her baptism though! :)

Tradition picture with Jay... Jay also baptized his niece Shellise and his nephew Jessie and they are all posing this same way. I'm sure we'll have this same kind of picture when Emery is baptized too!

Lilly's Baptism was such a special day! There were 140+ people in attendance. Both Jay and I have large families, plus friends, and even a few nurses came too. The meeting was perfect. The Spirit was so strong. I loved how it all turned out. It was perfect. We had the meeting in the chapel, and there was standing room only near the baptismal font, but we made it work. 

Lilly was so ready to be baptized. She has a strong testimony of this gospel and has a very close relationship with her Heavenly Father. She can feel when angels are near her and always wants to do what's right. I am so glad she is a part of our family. She is a special special girl!

We had a few extra special visitors show up during Lilly's party after her baptism. Felix and Willy from the Mascot Miracles Foundation came to party with us! Lilly was so surprised and so happy! She said "This is the best birthday EVER because the mascots are here!" We are so grateful for these crazy animals that make Lilly so happy! We have grown to love them so much! 

Lilly's Great-Grandma Wilkinson was quite surprised when Willy sneaked up from behind her! Ha!

Emery is starting to get over her fear of the mascots. A few weeks ago she gave Felix a high-five. She gave him a high-five at the baptism too, but then got scared again. Willy tried to give her a whole handful of candy canes, but she wasn't having it!

I love that Lilly loves Felix and Willy so much! Makes my heart happy!

What a perfect day! Lilly, we love you so so much! The Light of Christ shines through you and you have touched so many peoples lives. You are a true example of Christlike love. You bring happiness to all those around you and everyone is your friend. You are so brave and you choose to be HAPPY which makes us happy! Love you Lilly Girl! 
Love, Mom & Dad