Sunday, February 12, 2017


Today it's been 3 years... 3 years since we heard the words "Lilly has Leukemia." 3 years since our lives were turned upside down. How, as a parent, are you supposed to comfort your scared child when you are terrified yourself? So many thoughts and emotions come back to me as I reflect on the day February 12th, 2014. 

For 3 years we've had a 'Word of the Day' every day. For 3 years, we've chosen a word to focus on throughout this journey.  We don't repeat a word for a whole year. Sometimes it's easy to find that one word you need... Other times it's a challenge. We've decided that today will be the last consistent 'Word of the Day.' Lilly is doing well. She just had her clinic appointment on Friday and everything looks great. We don't have another appointment with her oncologist until April. We feel so blessed that she is doing so well. We know far too many kids who are still struggling and have had it a lot harder than she has. Our hearts break for them. We continue to pray for them. As time goes on, I'm sure there will be days that we need those special 'Words of the Day' to focus on. But not every day.

In the very beginning when Lilly was first diagnosed, Jay told Lilly that she could choose to be happy or sad.... And she chose HAPPINESS! So with that, we leave you with a final quote:

Yesterday we celebrated Lilly's "diagnosaversary" as a family. Lilly said she just wanted to go and be a kid. We went to All Star Lanes and played mini golf and in the arcade. We had lots of fun!

Gryffin slept the entire time!! He can sleep through pretty much anything! This is the only picture we got of him. Oops!

So grateful for our little family (Gryffin included who was still snoozing in the stroller).