Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hair Cuts

Lilly needed a hair cut BAD! Her hair is brittle and dry from the chemo and it is so thick and out of control!! School is starting in a couple of weeks and she was so excited to have a spa day and get pampered!! We asked Emery if she wanted to get a hair cut too. But, she said no. She has developed such anxiety over the past couple of years with Lilly's cancer diagnosis, that she is so fearful of everything! She has never had a hair cut. EVER. When we ask her why, she says "because I don't want to be bald like Lilly." Even though Lilly has hair now... But, it's a real fear. We've started therapy with her and she gets "brave bucks" when she does something that's scary. But, yesterday morning she was in tears when I was talking to her about getting her hair "trimmed," so we didn't push the issue.

Lilly was in HEAVEN! Getting her hair washed in the sink was her favorite part! Emery watched but was still adamant that she wasn't going to get her hair cut.

So cute! Thank you Kim for cutting and styling Lilly's hair! She LOVES it! It was much needed. She says she is now ready to start 3rd grade!

Kim convinced Emery to sit in the chair that goes "up and down" and just asked if she could brush her hair. I kept her preoccupied with looking at photos and videos on my phone. Kim was able to do a quick trim and Lilly told her "Guess what Em? Kim cut your hair! You're so brave!" She was beyond excited and proud that she conquered her fear.  Kim asked her if she could touch up the front a little and Em agreed. Yay! I couldn't have been happier! It may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but this is a HUGE step for Emery! 

Look at my brave girl! She has conquered yet another fear! I asked her if she would do it again and she said "yes!" Emery earned 3 "brave bucks" for being so brave yesterday! 

My cute girls with their new "dos." Thank you thank you Kim! My girls can tell you love them. Thank you for the fun afternoon!! 

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