Monday, June 20, 2016

Millie's Princess Run 2016

It wouldn't be summer without Millie's Princess Run! It'll be an event we will always participate in. It's crazy to think that it's been two years since Lilly was the Princess. She's come so far! 

Princesses galore! I don't think there was one princess that was missing. They were all there! It was heaven for little girls! 

Lilly had her nail booth again, and we stayed busy busy. It's a fun way for Lilly to participate. She's still struggling from the effects of the chemo with really weak legs so she can't run in the kids race. What better way to give back then to do what she loves, paint nails!! 

Brady and Amanda are two of the many behind this AMAZING foundation. They are Millie Flamm's parents and you won't finder more kinder generous people than them. They truly have hearts of gold! 

Ready. Set. Go! The race this year was at Daybreak instead of Sugarhouse Park, and we loved it! We hope it's there again next year!

Some of our favorite mascots from Mascot Miracles Foundation!

Nails. Nails. And more nails!! Babies. Princesses. Fairy Godmothers. Grown Men. Everyone loves to get their nails painted by Lilly! Thanks to our other friends that helped Lilly paint nails too. We couldn't have done it without you!

Lilly was excited to be able to participate in some of the other events that were going on. Last year she was still too weak to even climb through a bounce house. So glad she is getting stronger!

Some of our favorite friends! We love you Mechling Family!

If there is water, Emery will FIND IT! She is a magnet to water and can't not get wet. Good thing it was a nice warm day and she dried off pretty quickly. Love my girlies!

Even though Emery is still afraid of the mascots if they get too close, she had plenty of fun with all the princesses. She's quite the dancer! And she also kept talking her cousins Melanee and Maddy into taking her through the bounce houses! Thanks girls!

I was so proud of Lilly for trying the rock climbing wall. She only got up a little ways, but she did her best! Way to go Lilly! Maybe next year you will be stronger and can climb all the way to the top! 

Prince Max and Princess Lizzy got to ride in style during the race. They lead everybody off and it is a magical moment for them. Wish we would have gotten a better picture of Princess Lizzy, but we didn't. She's riding in the carriage in the green dress. We hope that lots and lots of money was raised to help these deserving families. 

Millie's Run wouldn't be complete without the Alpine Garrison group. Their costumes are AMAZING! It's fun to add them into the mix with all of the princesses! 

What an incredible day! We can't wait for Millie's Run again next year. #BECAUSECANCERISAROYALPAIN

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