Wednesday, November 30, 2016

He who has not been named.... Finally has a Name!

What a wonderful day it was for our family. Long and busy but, wonderful just the same. We went to see Dr. Roth yesterday for Tiffany's regular check up and of course her blood pressure was way high. Dr. Roth said lets have him tomorrow (tomorrow now being today). So, Tiffany and I arrived at St. Marks Hospital this morning at 8:00am to start induction. They started her on pitocin at 9:00 am starting at a mere level of "1" since that's all Tiffany could ever go to for the girls and they both delivered in 6hrs or less. But, we quickly came to the realization that Baby Boy was NOT going to be like his sisters. So after 9 hrs and her reaching a level of "17" on the pitocin Tiffany and baby were finally ready. Tiffany is quite the power house when it comes to actually delivering babies; she pushed a total of 3 long pushes with Lilly, once with Emery and 3 short one's with Baby Boy.

He finally arrived at 5:59 pm weighing 6.8 and was 18" long. Both baby and Tiffany did fantastic. But, shortly after him being born and getting him and Tiffany settled I had to rush to The Festival of Trees to hear Lilly speak and light the lights. I was able to make it just in time. Lilly did fabulous. She's such a great speaker, she doesn't get scared at all of being in front of hundreds of people. I don't know how she does it being so young.

Well, now that the anticipation is just killing you as to his name. We first had to bring Lilly and Emery to the hospital so we could tell them first and they can go tell everyone else.

So after lots of pondering, praying and without further delay. 

His name shall be known as...
Gryffin Dailey Alldredge

Watching Gryffin get his first bath

And we love him so much. 

Thanks for all the warm wishes!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mascot Halloween Party

Life has been crazy the past couple of days, with taking Emery up to Primary Children's and finding out she has pneumonia, and all the lack of sleep that goes along with it. Good news though, she is finally starting to feel a little bit better today. Yay! 

Even though I'm behind, I still wanted to post these pictures from the Halloween Party we went to last Saturday. We love Mascot Miracles Foundation and all the fun events they put on for the kids. We love the fun memories we get to make with these crazy zoo animals, and we consider them some of our very dearest friends. 

Lilly and Emery have been saving some silly string for a while now and decided the best way to use it would to be to spray Felix! 
And they are still talking about how fun it was! 

Harry Potter meets Darth Vader?

Now this is a big deal... Em conquered another one of her fears. She loves loves loves horses, but when she gets near them she panics. Same thing as with the mascots. Well, Lilly was getting ready to ride a horse and Jay just stuck her up there in the saddle with Lilly. She was extremely nervous and was only sitting on the horse for about a minute. But, she did it! I was so proud of her. Now, when she talks about it, she said she would ride a horse if Lilly was with her, or with our friend Kenzi. She is getting brave! (and I think therapy is helping!!)

Beautiful Cinderella - which is Emery's very favorite princess, and Glen from Change 4 Love. What an awesome guy! 

The girls had never bobbed for apples before, which was fun for them. They both ended up grabbing their apple by the stem with their teeth. Smart girlies! 

But then Jay had to show them how it was really done...

My crazy husband! Where'd his head go? Let's just say he got a little bit wet! 
Crazy guy! 

Look! We even found Santa!

Matt Birch is the man behind the horses and carriages and this event is held at his home. What a great guy! We love you Matt!

Thanks Mascot Miracles Foundation! We look forward to this event every year! Happy Halloween everyone! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Curesearch 2016

September always seems to come fast for me. Summer gets busy and then school starts and then all of a sudden it's Curesearch, and I haven't done any fundraising for it. I signed our little family up under Lilly's team about a week and a half ago and I vowed we'd do better at fundraising next year. And then Lilly said, "Well, why can't we just do a Bake Sale this weekend?" So I agreed. I figured we'd get 5 or so donations and call it good. Lilly is quite the seller of baked goods! She did all the calling and ended up with 27 orders! She sold brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies. After we made all of our deliveries, Lilly had raised $610 for Curesearch! I am so proud of her! Next year, we are going to start fundraising in January. That was A LOT of baking in one weekend! 

This is only pictures of a few people whom we delivered to. Thank You, Thank You to all who helped Lilly! 

It was quite rainy this morning on our way to Sugarhouse Park. But, as we pulled into the park, the clouds were parting and it ended up being a fairly good day weather wise. It is so great to see so many come out and raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. Because of all that Lilly has gone through, it is something we will always participate in. Our children need more money for cancer research to find a CURE! 

The nurses at Primary Children's Hospital always hand out balloons to those families who have lost loved ones to cancer. Lilly asked if she could have one for Michalla. It's a very emotional thing to watch... Kids gone far too soon!

And then those balloons are released into heaven.

And these are the heroes. The survivors. They were all honored and received medals. These are some of the strongest kids I know! 

Look at them all!

And then we walk. We walk in honor of all children fighting cancer. These cute girls were leading the pack! What a special day!

Lilly with her favorite tech Holly. And Lilly with one of her oncologists Dr. Lemons. 

Two of our favorite nurses - Nancy and Trish. Love them both so much!

Look at how BRAVE Em was! She not only danced with this silly mascot named Smudge, but she HUGGED him all by herself! This is a HUGE deal for her and we were beyond excited that she did it! Way to go Emery! You are one brave girl!

And look! She did it again with the Chick-fil-a Cow!!!

Every girl wants to be a Princess! 

Lilly got to smash the heck out of a watermelon - that was fun! And she loves to climb trees! 

But, one of the best parts of Curesearch was seeing Madeleine again. She lives in London but has been receiving treatment in Seattle and has been pretty sick, so we were so so excited to hear she was coming to Utah for Curesearch! Madeleine, you have touched our lives in more ways than you will ever know. We love you so much! Thank you for spending some time with us today. 

And we will be back again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that! Who wants to come walk with us? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hyundai Hope on Wheels

What a great opportunity for our family! Lilly was asked by Primary Children's Hospital if she would come and speak at this event. Hyundai Hope on Wheels awarded Primary Children's Hospital - specifically Dr. Engel - a $250,000 grant for childhood cancer research. Only 24 hospitals in the nation are awarded with this grant, and we are so grateful Primary Children's was one of them. 

I didn't plan it, but was glad I had Emery wear her "Millie" dress today! 

Nathan Miller - Hyundai Senior Group Manager of Regional Sales

Presenting Dr. Lemons with the check on behalf of Dr. Engel. (who was in Washington DC for a pediatric cancer summit also sponsored by Hyundai.) 

Dr. Lemons talked a little bit about the research Dr. Engel has been doing, specifically for T-Cell Leukemia. 

Lilly speaking a little bit about her cancer journey. She did so well! I'm proud of her. She said she wasn't nervous at all. Well, I was nervous for her! Way to go MISSY!

Lilly also presented Nathan Miller with an appreciation plaque from Primary Children's Hospital. 

Every child has a story to tell. Hyundai Hope on Wheels is committed to finding a cure for childhood cancer one handprint at a time.

"Thank you Hyundai Hope on Wheels for this grant. I hope it can help find a cure so that other kids like me don't have to get cancer." ~Lilly