Friday, May 27, 2016

What an INCREDIBLE day!!

Surprise!! Not only was today Lilly's LAST IV chemo, but today she also had surgery and had her port removed! Dr. Doug called me yesterday afternoon and said "Hey, since Lilly's coming in for her last IV chemo, why don't we just remove her port as well?!?" I was kind of in shock, because we weren't planning on doing that until the end of June. So, it came as quite a surprise to us! Before I told Lilly, I wasn't sure how she would react... Would she be scared? Nervous? Worried? No... She was beyond EXCITED!!! She was literally jumping up and down pumping her fists in the air and crying happy tears! Gosh, I love that girl! 

This morning before we headed to clinic, Lilly asked me if we'd see Aubri in clinic. She's one of our favorites, but we have hardly seen her since she went back to school. She NEVER works on Fridays anymore. Well, guess who we saw? AUBRI! Lilly couldn't believe it! Thank goodness for holiday weekends and being short staffed! ;) And, we love Jess too! We have the best nurses around! So grateful for all they do for our kiddos in oncology. They are true superheroes in my eyes.

Scott at the front desk, and Paul our child psychologist. Lilly is always so happy to see such familiar faces. It's like a monthly visit with friends!

Lilly's LAST Vincristine! It's so surreal that we're finally at this part of the Journey. It seemed like we would NEVER get here. 2.5 years seemed like a lifetime away, and now we're here! 

Lilly loves these men, but especially the one in the middle! And, she feels right at home and just waltzes back into the office area of clinic to chat with her friends! These doctors have helped save Lilly's life and I will be forever grateful to them all!

Waiting in pre-op and getting a little nervous. It's been more than 2 years since Lilly's had surgery, so she was a little anxious. But that's to be expected. Good thing she had Freddy Bear with her. I made sure to throw him in the wash last night to make sure he was clean for surgery too! 

Walking away to surgery with Child Life and her anesthesiologist. 
She is so brave! I love her so much! 

When we were finally able to come back to recovery, she was holding her port in a specimen jar, and she was crying happy happy tears! "I did it! I did it! I don't have a port anymore! I don't have to have chemo through my port anymore!" It was a very raw and special moment for her. One I will never forget.

We didn't get to keep her port. It's toxic and needs to be thrown out. It served it's purpose in assisting in saving our daughter's life, but now it is no longer needed. We definitely had a love/hate relationship with this thing.

Look! No steri strips! Our surgeon that removed her port doesn't like to use steri strips. Instead he uses internal stitches that dissolves and dermabond on top. Yay! Lilly was worried about the steri strips. It's the little things that matter. 

Look at her study her port. She was reliving the last 2.5 years. All that she's been through. All the hard things she's done. It was kind of hard for her to part with it. 

Finally getting to go home was a happy moment! Every time she has surgery, her Dad gets her a special surprise. This time she got Harry Potter Clue and a chocolate frog! She was excited to go home and play our new family game! 

I'm so grateful for this day! Lilly still has 10 days left of oral chemo, and then she gets to ring the "No More Chemo Bell" on her next visit, because then she will be completely done with everything! But, we are so close! This was definitely a big hurdle that she crossed today. I continue to be amazed by Lilly and her strength, courage, and her choice to be happy through all of this. I want to be better because of her! 
Way to go Lilly! You did it! 


  1. Now I'm the one crying happy tears! Way to go Lilly...and the whole family and the Lilly fan club too!

  2. This post made me cry! Happy tears of course. I can't wait for you to ring that bell!!

  3. So wonderful that you are nearing the end! We are so happy for Lilly and for all of you!!!