Wednesday, November 30, 2016

He who has not been named.... Finally has a Name!

What a wonderful day it was for our family. Long and busy but, wonderful just the same. We went to see Dr. Roth yesterday for Tiffany's regular check up and of course her blood pressure was way high. Dr. Roth said lets have him tomorrow (tomorrow now being today). So, Tiffany and I arrived at St. Marks Hospital this morning at 8:00am to start induction. They started her on pitocin at 9:00 am starting at a mere level of "1" since that's all Tiffany could ever go to for the girls and they both delivered in 6hrs or less. But, we quickly came to the realization that Baby Boy was NOT going to be like his sisters. So after 9 hrs and her reaching a level of "17" on the pitocin Tiffany and baby were finally ready. Tiffany is quite the power house when it comes to actually delivering babies; she pushed a total of 3 long pushes with Lilly, once with Emery and 3 short one's with Baby Boy.

He finally arrived at 5:59 pm weighing 6.8 and was 18" long. Both baby and Tiffany did fantastic. But, shortly after him being born and getting him and Tiffany settled I had to rush to The Festival of Trees to hear Lilly speak and light the lights. I was able to make it just in time. Lilly did fabulous. She's such a great speaker, she doesn't get scared at all of being in front of hundreds of people. I don't know how she does it being so young.

Well, now that the anticipation is just killing you as to his name. We first had to bring Lilly and Emery to the hospital so we could tell them first and they can go tell everyone else.

So after lots of pondering, praying and without further delay. 

His name shall be known as...
Gryffin Dailey Alldredge

Watching Gryffin get his first bath

And we love him so much. 

Thanks for all the warm wishes!